Payment and Fees

An annual, non-refundable membership fee of $40 is applied to anyone who enrolls with CVGA. This will be charged each year on September 1st and will be prorated at the time of registration.

Tuition is due the 1st of every month. A $5 late fee is assessed if your payment is received late within 5 days of the first. After that a $10 fee will be charged every month that tuition is outstanding. If this occurs more than 3 times, you will be required to enroll in our automatic payment program to continue.

In the event that a check bounces, there will be a $45 insufficient fund fee added to the account. This fee must be paid immediately.

Refund Policy & Class Drop/Withdrawal Policy

You must notify CVGA of your desire to drop/withdraw, in writing to [email protected]  We require this notice two weeks in advance of your last class date or two weeks before the next billing cycle with your child’s name along with “drop enrollment  notice” or “pause enrollment notice” in the email subject line. If you have already paid for the month in full, a refund for the remainder of the month will not be issued. The annual membership fee is nonrefundable. Classes at CVGA are ongoing, monthly classes. You are automatically signed up for the next month unless you notify us, in writing, that you are discontinuing. If you do not give a two week written notice, you will be charged and are responsible for the remainder of the month.

Scheduled CVGA Closures

While we do have some dates scheduled in advance that CVGA will be closed for recreational classes (listed below), please note these dates are subject to change, and more dates will be added in. We will communicate via email as well as Facebook posts.

check our scheduled closures

Missed Class and Make-Up Classes

Should you miss a class, make-up classes are offered on a space-available basis in age-appropriate classes. Make-ups can only be made during the session when classes were missed. Open gym can be used as a make-up class for preschool children. All make-up classes must be scheduled with office staff, in advance. If you know you are going to miss a class please e-mail [email protected] or call 802-882-8324. Due to covid we have extended our make-up policy to allow classes to be made up in 90 days of the missed class.

Late Pick up

Students must be picked up on time. For those attending camp, after school mini camps, half day camps or summer vacation camps, pick up time is stated in the class description. A $1/minute late charge will be assessed for every child that is late being picked up.

Bad Weather

In case of bad weather, please email or text the gym (802-882-8324) for updated class information. If classes are cancelled, scheduled make-up classes will be provided. Class cancellation information is made available as soon as possible and is also posted on our facebook and instagram. Please call or text an hour before your class if the weather has recently turned bad. Be sure to check your spam folder as well for email blasts about cancellations.


CVGA emails all communication including updates, changes and events. Please make sure you have a current and accurate email on file with us. Be sure to check your spam folder and save the address in which email blasts are sent from.

CVGA phone number: 802-882-8324

CVGA email:  [email protected]

Emergency Numbers – Anytime your number changes or emergency contact info changes, notify us by emailing or leaving a note for us in the payment box. You can also log into your account through our website and update your information.


CVGA does offer a sibling discount of 10% off class tuition. This discount cannot be applied to After School Mini Camp, Summer and No School Camps, Open Gym, Clinics/Workshops, or Team fees. Please review the pricing chart to see discounts offered to individual classes when more than one class is taken per week.


Placement is decided according to age, strength, flexibility, and skill ability. CVGA coaches assess the progress of each student throughout the session and will discuss the option to participate in another class if that proves to be best for the child.

General Gym Rules

General gym rules are posted throughout the gym. They are important for the safety of all who enter. Please take them seriously and make an effort to become familiar with them. We reserve the right to request parental involvement and/or potentially drop enrollment of any student from classes, the after school program or camps if we see behavior that goes against our gym rules or jeopardizes the safety of other kids or adults within our facility. All students and parents must remove shoes before entering the gym. There are absolutely no parents or siblings on the floor area of the gym.

Class Procedures

Please be on time for your class, but no earlier than 5 minutes to allow staff to clean properly between classes. Put bags and clothes in the gym cubbies and wait to be called onto the floor by an instructor. We have two bathrooms at CVGA; please try to use them before class starts. Please pick up your child on time, coaches must be able to begin their next class on time, and therefore cannot be supervising lingering children.

Parent Participation/Viewing

If a younger sibling must accompany a parent as they assist another child, then a waiver must be signed for both children prior to class. We ask that only the enrolled child be on the equipment. Those parents that participate in a Mom, Pop, and Tot class or that accompany their young child during open gym are the only adults permitted to step on the gym floor, and they must sign a release and waiver form as well.

Photo Release

A photo release form must be signed by all participants, for photos, videos, etc. These photos will be used for various purposes including but not limited to, analyzing technique of the gymnast, advertisements and decorative posters for the gym.


No gum. Food and drink are restricted to the grey carpet area. Please be respectful of the gym and put all garbage in the wastebaskets. We also ask that you pick up after your children and make sure that they abide by these important rules.


Please have your child wear close-fitting clothing without belts, buckles, snaps, zippers or buttons. T-shirts must be tucked in. No socks. Long hair must be tied back and no jewelry (including cloth jewelry) should be worn in class. Leotards are required for children enrolled in Intermediate/Advanced classes and up. Shoes must be taken off in the entryway and placed on one of the racks.

After School Mini-Camps

It is the parent’s responsibility to call the school and notify them of their children’s plans. If your child is not coming to their regular scheduled after school mini-camp, parents MUST notify BOTH THE SCHOOL AND CVGA. If your child is sick, email us right after you notify the school. Email or text is the best method for reaching us as all emails sent to [email protected].

Lost and Found

At the end of each day all items that are left behind are placed in our lost and found bin in the camp area. Please check it periodically.

Please Remember

-Access to the gym is for gymnasts and coaches only.

-Parents and siblings are not permitted on the floor.

-The only two exceptions are for the Mom Pop and Tot class, where a parent is required to be with their child only during this class, and the Open Gyms for students 6 and under. All parents on the floor must sign a release and waiver form.

-Upon entering the gym, please remove shoes. Make sure that things are placed neatly so that people can walk through safely.


Please review this information with your child and be sure you both understand them before signing our registration form.

We ask for your cooperation in helping your child understand the importance of safety within the gym.

Questions or Concerns

We encourage communication! If you have questions or concerns, feel free to speak with us. We request that you do not talk to the coaches while they are on the floor coaching kids, but before or after class is fine. We also strongly encourage you to email info@cvtga with any questions or concerns, and you will receive a response as soon as possible. Please make sure to keep all of your contact information current, so we can also reach you

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