Our Mission

CVGA is dedicated to keeping kids moving! We are focused on allowing kids of all ages to be active and to have fun doing it. We encourage our students to learn gymnastics safely, while increasing self-confidence, body awareness, coordination, and skill. Children of all ages will build strength, increase flexibility, agility, balance and mental focus, while also learning how to incorporate overall fitness into a healthy lifestyle for years to come. We want to appropriately challenge each student and help them meet personal goals, while maintaining a happy and healthy environment for all.


★ Gymnastics, whether recreationally or competitively, will increase coordination and confidence
★ Fun fitness activities early in life can create life-long positive fitness habits
★ Kids learn early life skills, such as how to line up, follow directions, take turns, make new friends and achieve goals
★ Great place to make new friends or have fun with old ones
★ Our staff prides themselves on making the gym a fun place to be, while still working hard and encouraging students to make and meet goals!


Our vision is to continue to develop all of our programs in skill, enthusiasm, and professionalism, while maintaining a fun environment for our students. We seek to be a happy and safe place for students of all ages, personalities, and fitness levels, and to provide the proper guidance to our students to allow them to make safe and healthy choices for themselves. We will continue to improve our coaching and teaching methods to provide the best direction to our students and allow them to reach their fullest potential. We hope that by providing an outlet for children to learn and develop, gymnastics can make a positive difference in a child’s life.


CVGA honors, respects, and welcomes all genders, orientations, races, creeds, cultures, professions, and walks of life. We are a judgment, criticism, and violence-free zone. We want our space to be welcoming and engaging, safe, and to offer a sense of belonging. We encourage everyone – customers, gymnasts, volunteers, and staff – to be proactive in creating an atmosphere where the safety and inclusion of all is paramount.

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