CVGA is dedicated to keeping kids of all ages moving and having fun.

We encourage our students to learn gymnastics safely, while increasing self-confidence, body awareness, coordination, and skill. Children of all ages will build strength, increase flexibility, agility, balance and mental focus, while also learning how to incorporate overall fitness into a healthy lifestyle for years to come. We want to appropriately challenge each student and help them meet personal goals, while maintaining a happy and healthy environment for all.

Central Vermont Gymnastic Academy - Gymnastic Classes, Competitive Team and Open Gyms for Kids and Teens in Waterbury, Vermont

CVGA offers a variety of camps including after school, no-school, summer and ninja. Visit our camp page to learn more.

CVGA offers a variety of classes for all age groups and levels.  Visit our class page to see all the options.

Looking for after school options?  We have those too.  Visit our after school camp page to see the details.

Come explore the CVGA gym and get moving! Consider hosting a birthday party.  See details here.

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